The parade scheduled for Sunday September 11th has been cancelled due to the forecast of 100% rain with heavy rainfall expected. Thank you to everyone who worked in preparation of this event. All other events scheduled for Sunday are still a go! See you at the fest!!!

No Pets Please

We know you love them.
But please leave your pets home.
They probably don’t like corn anyway.
Let’s be courteous to all our Cornfest friends.
Thank you.

Schedule of Events

Keep up to date on all Cornfest events.
Stay in the loop of all the happenings.
Come and enjoy some roasted corn.

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Park with Courtesy

There is lots of parking at Cornfest.
But let’s all park with care.
Be courteous of  those parking around you.
Please pickup around yourself.
Thank you.

Breaking News from the Cornfield

Enjoy Our Main Attractions

Come See the Parade

The Cornfest Parade is the premier event of the weekend. People come from miles around to see the great parade. Floats and bands and tractors and horses and some much much more. Load the family into the car, and do not forget to bring some folding lawn chairs as you do not want to miss a minute of the Parade. See you there.

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Let’s Play Volleyball

Sun and sand and a net. Nothing better than getting your team together for the exciting Cornfest Volleyball Tournament. Co-ed 6 teams is the rule of day. Bring your attackers, your beddies and your redwoods. It’s game on at Cornfest.

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Come See the Tri-County Pullers

It’s definitely time for ear-rattlin’, ground-pounding excitement and the Tri-Couty Pullers fire up their massive engines and put the pedal down on the big dirt track. If you’ve never been to an event like this, now is the time to check out the Big Guys of mid-western puller circuit. You won’t be disappointed. And bring some ear protection, you’re gonna need it.

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Come Play Some Softball

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play. The Cornfest Softball Tournament pulls in great teams from across the Mid-west to compete in this exciting two-day event. Whether you are a player, a spectator or just a fan, bring your posse and cheer on your favorite team. Great fun for the whole family.

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Other Fun Events at Cornfest

It’s one of the favorite opening events at Cornfest. Bring a blanket, set up your spot, relax and enjoy the superb show.


Enjoy the Carnival

It’s one of the favorite opening events at Cornfest. Bring a blanket, set up your spot, relax and enjoy the superb show.
The music grooves all weekend long at Cornfest. Brush off your dancin’ shoes and get down and get ready to shake your stuff.

You can’t win if you don’t play! Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, tell EVERYONE… about the BIG CORN SHELL OUT!! It’s going to be HUGE!
Always something cool to buy from one of our very creative vendors. Please support them as they support Cornfest.


Let's Play Bingo

Lucky Seven, Legs Eleven, Kelly’s Eye, One Little Duck or Clickety Click. Bring your best bingo bustle, babe. It’s always a good time at the Bingo hall.