Its Time!

Just a quick reminder that the corn will be a-roasting soon!

The Darien CornFest Lounge

The Darien Cornfest Lounge Last year, we made a "lounge' area out of straw bales so people could sit and take photos, it was a hit! Some committee members sat on the couch and took a photo.
Darien CornFest

The 2019 Cornfest Flyer is Here

We know you've been sitting by your computer, just waiting for the 2019 flyer. Well your wait is over.  It's finally here. So click on the link below, download it, print some out and give to all your friends. Mark the calendar, it's going to be a great Corn Fest. Just Download It

Your Donations at Work

          The Darien Cornfest Committee donated new score boards and a Flag Pole at West Park with all of the generous donations and funds earned from the yearly event.

THANKS TO ALL from Darien Cornfest 2016

We are so grateful for all of our friends, families, co-workers, the volunteers and we are especially grateful for everyone who attended this year's 2016 Darien Cornfest. Thank you all! Hey, how about some pictures?

Big Corn Sighting

The Big Corn Makeover 2017 Spotted right on Hiway 14, it's the Giant Corn. Quick, somebody has to pick up a 55 gallon drum of drawn butter....

The 2017 Cornfest Flyer is Here

We know that you have been sitting at your computer waiting for it, so here it is, the 2017 Darien Cornfest Flyer. Download it and print out a bunch [spread the word, people] and give them to your friends, co-workers and your family.  OK, maybe your don't want it give it to your family [just kidding]. Click on the box ...