Our 2014 Concert Schedule

Everybody’s is gonna “Wayne Chung” this year at the Darien Cornfest.  Here’s our line-up of great bands.

Friday night 8 PM to midnight – Rainbow Bridge


From their website:

We started our road adventure in January of 1984 with: Jeff, Cyndi, Kurt, Tim, Jim, and Steve Johnson (sound). I believe our first job was in South Bend, Indiana. There’s a (now funny) story about our Volkswagen mini-bus actually starting on fire on our maiden voyage. We managed to remove our personal belongings from the burning “hippie van” and were basically waiting for the thing to blow up. Kurt flagged a tow truck, who just happened to have a fire extinguisher, and we saved the bus. We drove to Indiana, in January, with no heat. Nobody ever rode with me again and the bus was sold shortly after.

The band played generally in the mid-western states, with one southern trip through Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. In Indiana, we toured the Indy track, Tennessee meant a trip to Graceland, and in Mississippi we toured the Peavey plant. It was almost like a paid vacation.


Saturday afternoon – noon to 4 PM Glenn Davis

From Glenn’s website:

Glenn Davis plays in a variety of different configurations. Most often you see him playing in the solo or duet format. This particular set is very conducive to small restaurants and intimate nightclub settings. Often he plays with a small amp ,PA and a kick drum which gives a Bluesy and gutsy sound that equally good for listening and dancing. His material is Blues based, original based, somewhat oldie based(especially the good ones.) Musicians that regularly appear with Glenn are Westside Andy(Madison) and “Birdog” Ken Oluf. These are top notch Blues harp players. Also Glenn occasionally works with Matt Goodwin or David Potter on guitar, Big Jim Johnson on vocals, harp as well as Rodney Brown on sax. The sky is the limit as far as the possibilities.

As far as a band situation Glenn Davis has been booking under the name Glenn Davis and the Blues Commission for many many years. Most often he works with Doug Rehard or Dave Wood on bass, one of the aforementioned harp players and one of the many fine local Blues drummers from the Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison/Rockford area. Once again anything is doable from solo to ten piece showcase band! Feel free to contact GD for any info you might require.

Saturday night – 8 PM to midnight – Prime Time Live Band


From their website:

If you are planning an event and are considering live music, your search is over. Prime Time Live Band enjoys the opportunity to perform for fun loving people, clubs, groups or organizations. The mission of Prime Time Live Band is to provide an enjoyable live music experience for a variety of occasions. The band has a reputation in the stateline area as a most pleasing and amusing musical experience. Having an appeal to all ages, and with one of the most diverse and danceable set lists in the area, it’s sure to be a thouroghly entertaining and dynamic performance. Prime Time Live Band provides the highest quality live music with the right variety, to keep an audience on their feet all night long.


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