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Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play

Great News from the Baseball Diamond

Darien Cornfest is pleased to announce that we have 24 teams already signed up for this years tournament. And if you have umpiring experience….

From the Baseball Head Honcho Greg:

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As of this morning we have a confirmed 24 teams for the softball Tournament.
In years past we were lucky to get this many this early. I am working to get a full 32 teams and with 2+ weeks to go I am very optimistic we will get 32.

If we get all 32 teams I will need to run games longer Saturday night because teams can’t play on Friday. Generally my umps do not work past the 5:00 game. So I will be looking for a few people to help / volunteer ump for at least 2 games (5:50, 6:40 and possibly a 7:30).


So if you “Got Game”, or you’d like to “Ump” a game get in touch with Greg.

[intense_content_box title=”Contact” shadow=”10″ width=”100%”]You can email your completed entry form to Greg at gregnichols [at] sbcglobal.net, or you can call him at 262-215-2811 [/intense_content_box]

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