It’s Time For the BIG CORN Shell Out
It’s happening Sunday the 11th at 3:00 in the Corn Barn
Top prize of up to $10,000 – 350 Tickets to be sold

Tickets can be purchased as an individual or a group. If as a group, as representative must be indicated. Need not be present to win, but must be able to answer a phone call during drawing.

The Shellout Raffle starts at 3:00.

The regular raffle ($1/1 or $5/6) will be drawn the 11th at 4:00 during the Shellout break.

See a Corn Fest Committee Member for Tickets.
Kathy Boss can be contacted at (262)203-1685 for further questions.

Here’s how we play …

All tickets sold will go into the tumbler. Around and around they go. As the tickets are pulled out they are eliminated from the Grand Prize. Don’t worry though, there are some cool prizes along the way that you have a chance of winning.

When we finally get down to the last 5 tickets, the owners will be contacted. They have the chance to split the BIG PRIZE or going for it all. All 5 must agree to move on or split or the drawing continues. If they chose to keep going, the next name drawn is out of the BIG PRIZE. This continues until they agree to split, or we are down to the final ticket.

$10,000 is contingent on all tickets selling. Amount will be prorated if not all are sold. So, tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, tell EVERYONE… about the BIG CORN SHELL OUT!!