Great News from the Baseball Diamond

We are looking for teams for the 2021 Softball Tournament!

We are working to get a full 32 teams and I am very optimistic we will get to that magic number, 32.

If we get all 32 teams I will need to run games longer Saturday night, please figure in some extra time! Typically, the umps don’t work past 5:00 PM. So I will be looking for a few people to help / volunteer ump for at least 2 games (5:50, 6:40 and possibly a 7:30).

Get in touch with Greg

So if you “Got Game”, or you’d like to “Ump” a game,
You can email your completed entry form to Greg at gregnichols [at]
Or you can call him at 262-215-2811

Download the registration form & get it back to Greg asap. Thanks.